Black and Gray ZULU Nylon Strap

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  • Black and Gray Striped Nylon ZULU Strap
  • 22mm Width
  • 27.6 cm in Total Length
  • Heavy Duty Brushed 304L Stainless Steel Buckle / Keeper
  • Rust-proof with anti-corrosion. Wear and scratch-resistant
  • High-quality Fabric that is Soft and Smooth
"Of course, we want the Wasson Watch Co. to be a successful business, but we are motivated by something much greater..."


Closeup of a Swiss-made, stainless steel automatic watch laying on its side on a tan leather surface.
A Wasson Automatic Field Watch is shown with an olive green zulu strap laid out on a rock. There are four other zulu straps in various colors laying beside it.
A brown leather tool roll is laid open. It shows four pockets of various sizes. In one pocket is the watch, another pocket houses the extra nylon strap, a link removal tool is in a different pocket, and the spring bar removal tool is in a fourth pocket.
A Wasson Automatic Field Watch with a black and grey striped nylon strap sits propped on an old piece of driftwood. You can see a lake and snow-capped mountains in the background.