"As someone who appreciates both the rugged outdoors and the sophistication of a well-crafted timepiece, I was immediately drawn to the Wasson Field Watch."

-The Adult Man

"It’s hard to argue with the value proposition of Wasson watches inaugural offering. It’s a lot of watch for the money, and the extras are just the cherry on top."

-Wrist Enthusiast

"Purchasing the Automatic Field Watch from Wasson will ensure top notch quality and the peace of mind knowing you own a real Swiss timepiece."

-Wristed Right

"With its perfect craftsmanship and classic yet distinct look, the Wasson Watch Co Field Watch is my top overall pick."

-The Adult Man

"On the wrist, the Wasson Automatic Field Watch feels more like Rolexian tool time than Hamiltonian nostalgia."

-The Truth About Watches

The_Pilots_Watch Reviews The Wasson Automatic Field Watch