How To Remove Links From Your Automatic Field Watch

Choosing the perfect watch is not just about the dial. It's about the strap, too! And if you’ve got yourself a metal watch, it becomes all the more important for you to know how to shorten and lengthen the strap as required.

But before that, let’s talk about the fitting.

Finding the Right Fit

The aim is to achieve a snug, yet comfortable fit for your watch. It should be loose enough to slide across your wrist while being tight enough to give it a smart appearance.

Before you begin the link removal process, it is always a good idea to wear the watch and decide beforehand how many links need to be removed.

And, once you have done that, jump straight to the removal guide.

How to Remove Links From Your Automatic Watch


Step 1: Locate Removable Links

Take your Automatic Field watch and unclasp it. You will notice that some of the links on your watch have little holes with pins inside, while some do not. The links with holes on them are removable, while the others are not. 

Step 1: Locate the removable pins

Step 2: Identify Pin Orientation

Observe the pins inside the holes. One side of the pin will be rounded and knob-like, while the other side will have a small line across the pin. Find the knob-like side and push against it using the link removal tool.

Step 2: Identify Pin Orientation

Step 3: Use the Link Removal Tool

For this, place the link you need to remove flat against the pin of the link removal tool. Turn the dial of the tool clockwise until it is tight, and the pin is pushed out of the link.

Step 3: Use a Link Removal Tool

Step 4: Unscrew and Remove

Once the pin is pushed out of the link, unscrew the dial by turning it anti-clockwise. Remove the pin with your hands. The link will fall off automatically. Repeat this process with all the links you want removed. 

Step 4: Unscrew and remove the unwanted link

Step 5: Join Remaining Links

In order to join the remaining links together, push the pin inside the hole (in the link) with your finger, as far as it will go. Make sure that the rounded end of the pin goes inside the hole. 

Step 5: Join the remaining links

Step 6: Secure the Remaining Links

Turn the watch around and place it against the link removal tool. Use the dial to push the pin in by turning it clockwise. Once the pin reaches the other end, both the links will be locked in. 

Step 6: Secure the remaining links

Step 7: Store the Tool Safely

Screw the link removal tool all the way back and place it in its leather case. 

In 6 simple steps, you have removed the links to your automatic field watch, ensuring it sits comfortably and stylishly on your wrist. 

Mistakes to Avoid While Removing Automatic Field Watch Links

Skipping the Wrist Test:

Failing to wear the watch and assess the fit before removing the link can lead to an overly snug fit. Therefore, always perform a wrist test to determine the ideal fit before starting the process of link removal.

Misidentifying Removable Links:

Not all links have pinholes for removal. It's crucial to identify the correct links with pins, as attempting to remove non-removable links can damage the watch strap.

Neglecting Pin Orientation:

Failing to locate the rounded, knob-like side of the pin can result in difficulties as you attempt to remove the links. Ensuring proper pin orientation is key to a smooth link removal process.