How to Regulate your watch with overnight positioning

How to Regulate your watch with overnight positioning

If you're new to automatic, mechanical watches, you may be surprised to hear that they can can often run a little fast or slow. While you can always reset the time occasionally when it gets too inaccurate, there is actually a better option. 

You can actually regulate the time of your automatic, mechanical watch by the way you position it at night. You may be tempted to take it off and leave it any old way, such as face up, but the way you position your watch is an opportunity to improve your watch's time-telling accuracy. 

If your watch is running slow, then at night set it on its side with the crown pointing up. 

Crown up if watch is slow 

If your watch is running fast, position the watch on its side with the crown pointing down.

Crown down if watch is fast

Quick disclaimer here: Automatic mechanical watches are incredibly complex instruments and they were built by hand. That means that there may be differences in how they react to environmental conditions, even between two watches with the same movement. So, if you find crown up isn't speeding your watch up, or crown down isn't slowing it down, try the opposite way. 

Lastly, if your watch is running way fast or slow, and neither of these methods seems to do anything about it, you may need to take your watch to a jeweler for a tune-up. Be sure to start by looking at the manufacturer's terms and conditions and contact them or the authorized dealer of your timepiece. 

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