The Watch That Does

The Watch That Does

Have you ever heard the term, "Tool Watch?" A tool watch is a durable, reliable watch typically made of stainless steel or titanium, which can be worn daily during a wide range of activities and in austere environments. 

But don't let the name fool you. You might be thinking that a tool watch is automatically built with the sole purpose of fulfilling a utilitarian need and is utterly lacking in aesthetic appeal. While this can be the case, many tool watches are both utilitarian and aesthetically appealing at the same time. 

The Wasson Automatic Field Watch (WAF) is a great example of this balance, showcasing classic design and daily usability at the same time. 

Wasson Automatic Field Watch while driving in the rain. 

There's nothing wrong with taking off your watch before engaging in physical activity, per se. But it's not ideal. 

The ideal tool watch is something you can wear rain or shine, in the office, or in the field. What's more, you want to wear it because it looks great. I've been wearing my WAF daily for about a year and a half, and occasionally I've had the wherewithal to snap photos on my phone when I'm out doing something with the watch. I'd like to share some of those photos with you here. 

None of these are photo ops. All of them are shot by me on my phone when I'm really engaged in the activity described. Take a look.

Applying a generous layer of oil to my Red Wing Iron Rangers on a beautiful fall day:

Oiling my Red Wing boots

Taking a hike in the forest at a nearby park:

Taking a hike in the woods

Checking the time during the morning commute:

Morning commute

Cutting the grass:

Watch and weed eater

At the golf course:

At the golf course

Putting some roofing nails into some shingles damaged by a storm:

On the roof

Relaxing by the fire:

Relaxing by the fire

Changing a tire in the cold: 

Changing a tire

While grilling steak and veggies:


Playing baseball:

Playing baseball

Digging out the sprinkler valve box:

Digging out the sprinkler valve box

On a hot bus ride at YMCA camp: 

On a hot bus ride

Getting some work done on the laptop:


I want to reiterate - none of the above photos were photo ops. They were me pulling out my phone and taking a picture of my watch while I was in the middle of whatever I was doing. 

I don't baby my watch. I wear it when its hot or cold, wet or dry, inside or outside. Sure, I've collected a few small scratches, but by and large it still looks gorgeous. 

If you're interested in a watch that looks great for formal and fun, but takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin' look no more. Check out the WAF today and find out why 100% of our customers have given the watch five stars. 

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Wet asphalt texture.


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